For 8 persons - cooking 5 min (preparation :1h)

3 coffee cups of fine semolina - 1 coffee cup of butter- flour- 150g of almonds- 75g of pine-seeds - 150g of nuts- 160g of hazel nuts- 1 fine dry hacked peel of orange and finely bent- 2 eggs- 3 soup spoons of water rose-frying oil-a small Caster sugar-1 lemon- 100g of pistachios

Knead the semolina with butter by moistening with just enough water to amalgamate the semolina. Keep resting for an hour. Spread the pastry with the roller over a floury table, with the maximum of delicacy. Cut out squares. Hack up rudely the dried fruits ,link them with whole eggs and moisten with water rose. Garnish squares with this pastry and close them up by giving them a triangular shape. Fry broadly then drain.
Apart from that , melt sugar with some lemon juice. When boiling is over ,throw away in it cakes and withdraw them quickly. Serve sprinkled crushed pistachios.