Bricks with almonds

For 8 persons- cooking :5 min

A tea cup of semolina- 8 tea cups of back blanched and grind almonds- few back blanched and grind almonds -a coffee spoon of caster sugar- 1 pinch of caster cinnamon-a soup spoon of orange-flower water or water- rose -half a tea cup of butter-18 brick leaves-8 soup spoons of oil -a glass of honey- a few grind pistachios .

Glaze lightly hard up semolina in a pan, then mix them with almonds, sugar and cinnamon. Moisten with water and orange- flower water (or water rose). Add butter to knead the pastry and shape them into a big cigar. Spread out brick leaves on a very light oily table. Fold up again the four corners of each leave. Put in the center a spoonful of the almonds stuffing and roll them like a sausage.

Roll it up within a brick leave. Fry broadly. Drain well and melt the butter in a pan then put in it few El Gamra's bricks leaves. As soon as they took a golden color, withdraw them and dispose them in a service dish by sprinkling them with pistachios.