For 6 persons- preparation 45 min -cooking 1h20

20 El Gamra 's bricks leaves -250g of green nut walnuts -250g of grind almonds 2 soup spoons of caster sugar-a spoonful of cinnamon-one fourth coffee spoon with a grated nut mug-a pulverized clove -200g of butter + 20 for the mould-
For the syrup: 150g of sugar-4 soup spoon of honey-2 soup spoons of filter lemon juice- a soup spoon of water rose .

- Pre- heat the oven : th 6 ( 180 xc ) . Grill almonds for 5 to 6 min in the hot oven , keep them cooling then hack them up rudely with the nut -mug and mix them with the caster sugar and spices. Melt butter in a water bath .
- Cut out bricks leaves according to the sizes of a big rectangular mould (25 * 30) cm. Order them on falls under a wet linen. Spread out generously some butter on the mould.
- Thanks to a paint- brush ,cover over the surface with half the bricks leaves with melted butter on both sides. Superpose them progressively in the mould by interpolating with falls then distribute on it the nuts and almond mixture.
Sprinkle it with melted butter and cover the remaining leaves and overlay with butter. Practice incisions on a depth of about 1.5 cm, first in squares , next into triangles , to mark portions. Wash down the top of the baklava with the remaining melted butter and sprinkle it with some drops of water rose and sprinkle it with some drops of water.
- Put to oven for half an hour then lower the oven thermostat to 5 ( 150 xc), carry on cooking for 30 to 45 min. Baklava must be strong and crispy.
- While cooking, prepare the syrup. In a pan of 25 CL pour some water and sugar, boil , stir without ceasing. Keep thrilling for about 5 min. Out of fire add some honey ,the filter lemon juice and water rose. Keep cooling.
- Withdraw the cooked cake from oven .Without taking it out from mould ,cut out portions by following the incisions tracing. Wash down it with syrup and leave it to rest for few hours. Before serving , take out from mould and detach portions.