Eggs (100g)- olive oil (90g)- potatoes (250g)- capers- (25g) - molded black pepper- lemon (100g) - salt -flaky pastry ( 180 gr. ).

Cook hard eggs and carve them into pieces. Cook potatoes in a boiling water. peel them and crush them
into a mashed potatoes . Season with some black molded pepper and salt depending on taste .Embody some branches of
hacked parsley and thin slices of onions finely. PUT oil to heat.
Spread El gamra 's "malsouka" leaves one by one. Bend the leave into 2 pieces so as to obtain a square.
Place in the center of each of them a soup spoon of some mashed potatoes, some capers and slices of hard eggs.
Bend the leave into 2 so as to obtain a triangle and place it progressively in frying. Drain and serve hot with slices of lemon.