TUNA "Briouats"

For 10 to 12 persons

400 g of cooked fresh tuna-a bouquet of parsley with large leaves- 3 or 4 blades of fresh coriander- 1 "new" onion- 1 spoonful of margarine- 1\4 of olive oil - 1 El Gamra's leave per person-
seasoning: a shell of crashed garlic - A pinch of black pepper- a pinch of Cayenne pepper (optional).

Hack up softly onions and coriander as well. Put the margarine in a sauce pan and return the parsley and onion all together.
Season and leave it cooking under a soft fire during 15 m. Add tuna and mix up all together intimately.
Leave it still cooking under a soft fire. Add seasoning to the remaining part, stir with a wood spoon, cover and leave cooking .
Detach firmly leaves from each others. Place right in the center of a leave a soup spoon of the mixture.
Put down half the leave then over one of the corners, almost in a half way so as to shape a flatten corny pastry.
Put in a frying pan some oil and glaze "briouats" on both sides. Drain and keep it hot.
"Briouats "are served hot, accompanied with a fresh salad and washed down with a lemon juice.