for 4 persons- 30 man preparation -30 min cooking.

44 fine slices of ham, 4 thighs of boned chicken, rid of their skin, 4 soup spoons of bilberry, 8 EL gamra's briks leaves. 50g of melted butter, 2 soup spoons .
For the sauce: 1 small hacked onion, a soup spoon of oil, 15 CL of fawl broth, 2 soup spoons of Port, 5 soup spoons of frost currant, 50g of bilberry salt and pepper.

- Pre -heat the oven under 200 degrees. Toast ham slices with bilberry . Roll the slices ,slide them in each thigh instead of bones.. Now close with a small wooden stick.
- Heat oil in a frying pan. Brown in it pieces on all sides. Take off small sticks. Spread El Gamra's briks leaves. Smear with melted butter. Pack each thigh within 2 superposed leaves. Pleat the edges .Smear with some melted butter. Put in oven during 20mn .Put to oven for 20 min.
- For the sauce: Heat oil in a jumping pan , return onions during 5 min. Add the broth, the port and the frost preparation.
Heat gently. When the jelly is melted , boil to thicken it. Move to the Chinese, pour again in the frying pan, add the bilberry ,leave it to tremble for 5 min.
- To serve , distribute the sauce in each plate, and place slices of crust meat right in the middle. Do accompany with rice ,celery
and turnips with butter.