TAPENADE veal net

Preparations for 4 persons.

4 " nice" veal nets ,4 El Gamra's briks leaves, 250g of paste, 10 CL of milk- 10 CL of olive oil, 30 CL of veal bottom, 80 g of butter, 20g of flour, half a bench of coriander, 1 egg, 30g of parmesan, salt and pepper.

Open up into 2 the veal nets, season them and put them back in a pan with olive oil. When taking a pink color ,leave them to cool.
cook the" topenade"
cook the paste in a salted and boiling water.
Prepare a LIGHT AND SEASONED béchamel sauce ,in a frying pan ,add over it some tooled coriander, and macaroni ,mix firmly ,embody an egg, then drop
in a service platter. SPRINKLE With SOME grated parmesan and put it in a very hot oven. Put in the center of each
piece of meat some "tapenade". Close up nets on themselves then rank each of them in a lightly oily
Gamra's nets which you fold back ,afterwards. Cook it for 10 min on an oven plate of 220 degrees.
Reduce the bottom of the veal and embody the remaining "tapenade". Lift with a nut of butter and rectify the Seasoning. Dispose in each plate a crisp, some gratin and a rope of sauce all around.