"AL HALIB" BRIKS (with milk)

for 6 persons -cooking : 4 to 5 min

100g of flower-half a quart of milk- 150g of caster sugar- 150g of blanched almonds- 4 eggs - butter- 12 leaves of briks.

Dilute flour with milk and sugar. Add the crushed almonds and cook in oven under soft fire by stirring without ceasing . Add 3 yolks and mix. Keep cooking for a min, then sift with a fine Tammy and keep cooling.
Put into a buttered tart plate 6 brick leaves by buttering them one by one. Place almonds. Recover with the other 6 leaves and glaze the last one with a little bit of yolk. Glaze lightly for 10 min under soft oven (thermostat 4-6). Wash dawn with bounto when it comes to serve.