for 6 persons- cooking: 4 to 5 min

4 squabs of 500g each- 6 eggs + 2 yolks- 12 big briks leaves (they are provided now everywhere- 5 soup spoon of liquid honey-blanched almonds (300g)- onions (1 kg)- 2 soup spoon of coriander- 2 soup spoon of tooled parsley- a caster of mixed spices (2 soup spoons of cinnamon- 1 soup spoon of ginger- 1 soup spoon of saffron - 1 soup spoon of cumin)- 2 soup spoons of caster sugar- Butter (150g)- salt - pepper-) finish :icy sugar, cinnamon.

Peel and hack up roughly onions. Salt and pepper pigeons. In a pressure -cooking , brown them with
30g of butter .ADD THE onions HACKING, the mixed spices and tooled herbs. Moisten with 25 CL of water. Season with salt and pepper. Put into boiling then lower fire, cover up and leave cooking slowly for 45 to 50 min.
Withdraw pigeons and keep them hot . Under A lively FIRE, reduce their liquid of cooking with 4 soup spoons by skimming the fat off it. Add some honey and beaten eggs with the yolks in the reduced liquid and stir under a soft fire to obtain an unctuous cream, then withdraw from fire.
Grill the e blanched almonds in a pan with an anti adhesive covering, hack them and mix them with caster sugar. Detach bones from pigeons and cut the flesh into straps.
Pre- heat the oven under th 6 .( 180xc) . Butter the mould. Push down it with 6 briks leaves
that overlap a little bit and which half exceed on sides . Place 3 other leaves right in the center. Spread half the almonds. Cover them with half the eggs cream then with pigeons straps then ,the cream again and the remaining almonds.
Fold back the leaves on the stuffing by pleating them and brushing over the surface with the melted butter. Carve 3 other buttered leaves according to the mould diameter and place them on .Press them to fuse, brush over the surface with the remaining butter. Put to oven for 20 min.