For 8 persons- cooking in 5 min (+ 1 h).

3 coffee cups of flour- 1 coffee cup of butter-1 -coffee spoon of cinnamon-3 coffee cups of grind almonds - 1 coffee cup of caster sugar- 4 soup spoons of orange -flower water -1 egg (optional) - frying oil -honey -salt .

Knead flour with butter , a pinch of salt and cinnamon. Just add enough water to make it kneading . Leave to rest for an hour. Prepare an almond paste by mixing grind almonds with sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Moisten very lightly with some orange - flower water and add a whole egg ( optional).
Spread out the paste with a roller over a floury table till you obtain a very fine leave.
Cut out bands of a 3 fingers large. Settle a nut of an almond pastry at the very end of a band and roll so as to form small triangles. Fry broadly . Drain and soak hot in some liquefied honey added to an orange -flower water. Do not never boil honey!